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The founders of, Tony and Sally Godley, have each worked as Travel Agents for more than thirty years, owning an Agency for the majority of this time. Their business was successful in the fields of both Leisure and Corporate Travel and in 2002 they accepted an offer to sell, finally walking away in 2003 after the handover period was completed. They were well known in the Industry and already had a large network of Travel Agency colleagues which had developed naturally over the years. Because of this, when it was known that they had become free agents, they were approached by a number of travel suppliers, who asked them to market their products to Travel Agents in the UK. Tony and Sally decided to go with the flow and moved in to marketing full time, promoting a range of travel related products to their Travel Agency network, which of course grew considerably as a result of their work.

" delivers huge benefits to travellers everywhere and at the same time addresses two issues that are very important to most people in the Global Travel Industry.

Firstly, many people around the world have jumped on to the internet bandwagon to the detriment of the Travel Agent community, rather than embracing the advantages that are offered by both.

Secondly, and because of this, members of the public too often find themselves facing tricky, upsetting and potentially costly situations that could have been avoided if they had only trusted a good Travel Agent with their requirements."

The Travel Agents who are listed on this site are proactive and forward thinking, they understand the value of the internet but feel strongly that it should be used as a tool alongside real experience and expertise. Their experience and expertise.

Tony Godley.

Our mission is simply to put travellers in touch with bone fide Travel Professionals, people who are properly qualified to make comparisons, rational judgements and ultimately, recommendations. All our contributors are Travel Agents from both the Leisure and Corporate sectors. We verify the individuals and their companies before they are permitted to join the site.

Our Travel Agents full contact details are shown as are their particular areas of expertise. Some Agents have left reviews based on their personal experiences and these can be viewed within their profiles. All of them would be delighted to hear from you if you feel they may be able to help you plan your next trip or if you simply wish to find a pro-active Travel Agent in your area.
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